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On this site you can find works by Harun Yahya that totally demolish Darwinism, as well as news reports and developments that demonstrate the global effect these works are having.

ALL THE FOSSILS ON DISPLAY IN THE FOSSIL MUSEUM: You can examine the fossils, see pictures of fossils millions of years old beside pictures of their living counterparts and witness the defeat of evolution in the light of these fossils.

Witness the fossil specimens declare, "We never underwent evolution; we were created" in this second volume of the Atlas.
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Norway's Muslims' efforts to protect the Oslo Synagogue Accords with Adnan Oktar's views of co-existence of Muslims and Jews
Harun Yahya publications: Islam according to the Qur'an teaches love and compassion
The Reputed Creationist in the Muslim World: Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya)
"Atlas of Creation" by Harun Yahya in Algeria during Africa Cup of Nations
Harun Yahya's book "Bigotry: the Dark Danger" on London Buses

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The theory that nothing but chance is scientific is a flawed one. It is a logical dead-end. If brand-new civilizations were discovered in outer space, would the logic of Darwinism and chance be employed in all of them? Would it be claimed that chance established civilizations everywhere? The portrayal of this impoverished logic as scientific is the shame and disgrace of the current century.
Communist China is spreading terror
China must end its genocide of muslim Uyghur Turks and declare the whereabouts of the Uyghur Turks who have been forcbly taken away
The genocide of the Muslim Turkish Nation in East Tukestan must be stopped
The Turkish-Islamic Union is a must for the cruelty, repression, and violence to come to an end
Only the Turkish-Islamic Union Can Halt the Bloodshed

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Evolutionists must accept the fact that paleontology demolishes their theory, and must realize that constantly repeating their missing link tales will not alter the fact in the slightest.

Delving into the actual cause of moral depravity
A 80 million year old rare frilled shark fossil found in Australia speaks against Darwinism
240-Million-Year-Old Pollen Fossil Discovered

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In order to create, God has no need to design
It's important that the word "design" be properly understood. That God has created a flawless design does not mean that He first made a plan and then followed it. God, the Lord of the Earth and the heavens, needs no "designs" in order to create. God is exalted above all such deficiencies. His planning and creation take place at the same instant.

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Darwinism, which maintains that life and the entire universe are the work of blind chance, is the main foundation for all the damaging trends that have inflicted terrible disasters on mankind in our age.

The purpose of this site is to reveal the scientific evidence that demolishes Darwinism, which is being attempted to be kept alive out of ideological concerns despite having been scientifically utterly invalidated, and to warn people against this theory�s sly indoctrination.
Various reports concerning the global impact and success of the works of Harun Yahya, defeating the theory of evolution, also appear in the
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