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Here you can find the books of Harun Yahya on the category of scientific and philosophical-social criticism of Darwinism. For other categories of his works please visit >>

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Bigotry: The Dark Danger



Atlas Of Creation - Volume 4-



Uncle Darwin, We Haven't Changed



How did the Dajjal Die?



Darwinist Propaganda Techniques



The Miracle In The Cell Membrane



The Miracle Of Protein



The Evolution Impasse II



The Origin Of Birds And Flight



What Darwinists Fail To Consider



If Darwin Had Known About DNA



The Evolution Impasse I



The Skulls That Demolish Darwin



Confessions Of The Evolutionists



Darwin’s Dilemma: The Soul



The Cambrian Evidence That Darwin Failed To Comprehend



Allah's Art Of Detail



Photosynthesis: The Green Miracle



Engineering In Nature



Atlas Of Creation - Volume 3-



The Miracle Of Electricity In The Body



The Miracle Of Termites



The Miracle Of The Blood And Heart



The Miracles Of Smell And Taste



The Intellectual Struggle Against Darwinism



The Error of the Evolution of Species



The Miracle Of The Honeybee



The Transitional Form Dilemma



The Collapse Of The Theory Of Evolution In 50 Themes



Once Upon A Time There Was Darwinism


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