50 million years

Period: Eocene
Location: Green River Formation, Uinta County, Utah, USA

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The most impassable dead end in which proponents of the scenario of plant evolution find themselves today is the question of how the first plant cell evolved. The questions of how the first plant could have emerged from a single cell and how thousands of species of plant emerged from that one original plant. There is not a single intermediate-form fossil to point to the fact of such a process. There are no primitive fossil plants with semi-developed organs and systems, and no evidence to indicate that one plant species is the ancestor of any other. On the contrary, fossils show that every plant species emerged individually and suddenly, each with its own particular characteristics, and that these countless plant species have remained unchanged for so long as they have survived. An example of one such species is this 50-million-year-old poplar leaf fossil, identical to poplar leaves today.

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