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Here you can find the documentaryies of Harun Yahya on the category of scientific and philosophical-social criticism of Darwinism. For other categories of his works please visit >>

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The propulsive power of life: The heart



The miracle of the brain



The Qur’an refutes Darwinism - III



The digestive system: The mill in our bodies



The miracle of talking birds



The miracle in the plant leaves



False proofs of evolution (2nd part)



False proofs of evolution (1st part)



The engineering in Nature



Carbon: The miraculous element



The Qur'an refutes Darwinism – II



False evidences of evolution - 2 (subtitled)



The miracle in plant leaves - subtitled -



The miracle of talking birds - subtitled -



The Qur’an refutes Darwinism – I



The collapse of Darwinism in Europe



The signs in living things



The miracle in the atom



The fact of creation - for children 1



Seeing the clear proofs of Allah's existence



Perfect creation in the universe is not by chance



A bouquet of God's beauties



A scientific blow to Darwinism - Irreducible complexity



God's blessing of technology



The bloody history of fascism - 2



The golden ratio



Living fossils



Fossils have discredited evolution



The miracle of the immune system



The miracle in the ant - WV


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