Age : 50 million years
Period : Eocene
Location : Cache Creek Formation, British Columbia, Canada
The point emerges that if we examine the fossil record in detail, whether at the level of orders or of species, we find- over and over again- not gradual evolution, but the sudden explosion of one group at the expense of another. (Derek V. Ager, " The Nature of the Fossil Record," Proceedings of the British Geological Association, Vol. 87, 1976, p. 133.) British paleontologist Derek V. Ager considers it a problem that fossils have never supported the theory of evolution, but have confirmed the fact of Creation. The 50-million-year-old alder leaf fossil pictured is one of the many fossils confirming that living organisms appeared all of a sudden on Earth. That is, they were created, have remained unchanged and have never evolved from one form into another.