150 million years

Period: Jurassic
Location: Solnhofen, Eichstatt, Germany

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The shrimp pictured is some 200 million years old. Shrimps, having remained unchanged for all that time, tell us that no evolutionary process ever happened. The fossil record deals one of the heaviest blows to the theory of evolution, because: 1. Evolutionists maintain that living things progress from the primitive to the more advanced by undergoing a constant succession of small changes. Fossil findings, however, prove that living things undergo not the slightest change over even hundreds of millions of years. 2. Evolutionists maintain that all living things are supposedly descended from a common ancestor. Yet to date, not a single fossil has been unearthed that can be regarded as the forebear of any other living thing. 3. Evolutionists say that life forms are descended from one another, via intermediate forms. Yet from among all the millions unearthed as the result of research over the last 150 years, not a single intermediate form fossil has ever been discovered to indicate this.

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