8.2 million years

Period: Miocene
Location: Si Chuan, China

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Influenced by apes" abilities to mimic, Darwinists claim that these animals managed to enhance their intelligence and developed into human beings. The fact is, however, that many living things in nature have the ability to mimic or are known for their highly intelligent behavior. Foxes, for example, are highly intelligent and cunning. But no fox ever said to itself one day, "Since I am such an intelligent animal, why don"t I become a scientist?" and one day began examining the cells that constitute his own body under an electron microscope! No matter how clever they may be, foxes have always remained foxes. In the same way, and as is proved by scientific findings, apes have always existed as apes, and human beings as human beings. Evolutionists" ignoring scientific evidence and attempting to cover up the facts does not change anything. The origin of life is Creation.

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